Industrial Pitches

Dennis Marcus (Sales Manager, Automotive & Motorsport, Cruden, The Netherlands)

“The impact of system integration on driving simulator immersion”

Many small details must be just right to fully immerse a driver in a simulator. Investing a lot of money in an advanced motion system is no guarantee of immersion, as poor audio or steering feedback can ruin the immersion for the driver. Besides a proper integration of the motion, visual, haptic and audio feedback systems, the fidelity and integration of the engineering tools used for the DIL experiments also significantly impact the driver’s immersion. In this presentation, Cruden will explain how the Cruden engineers achieve the highest levels of immersion for any driving simulator configuration and any budget.


Rik de Swart (Sales Manager, Motion Simulation Technology, Van Halteren Technologies, The Netherlands)

“ROADS: The most high-performance Driving Simulator Motion System in the world


Marko Boving (Founder Director, Antwerps Blauw, Belgium)

“Premium Motion Comfort for passengers in autonomous vehicles


Dr. Siddartha Khastgir (Head of Verification & Validation, Intelligent Vehicles, WMG, University of Warwick, Safety Pool Scenario Database, United Kingdom)

“Safety PoolTM Scenario Database: Enabling an ODD-based testing framework for Automated Driving Systems”


Oussama BenMoussa (Head/CTO Autonomous Mobility, CAPGEMINI Engineering, France)

“Continuous Development, Integration, Validation & Delivery for Automated Driving”


Sylvain Chazot (Manager Director, IPG Automotive, France)

“Combining the best of the real and virtual world for the future of vehicle development”


Dai Araki (Fellow, Smart Manufacturing Solutions Dept., ICT Solutions Division, Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation, Japan)

“Distributed Co-simulation Platform, VenetDCP”


Márk Lelkes (Head of Automotive Operations, Bay Zoltan, Hungary)

“Virtual validation use of in case ADAS function development of using specific tools as dynamic Driver in the loop simulator”

Virtual validation, through driving simulation, is a mean for accelerating ADAS function development for increased road safety in secure environment, supporting or replacing road testing. In Zalazone infrastructure adding this state-of-the-art dynamic Driver in the loop simulator, we are providing large scale of testing means and connecting road testing to the simulation world.


Alexander F. Walser (Managing Director, asc(s e.V. – ENVITED resarch cluster, Germany)

“ENVITED research cluster: Collaborative Environment for data-driven virtual verification and validation of AD and ADAS”


Alexis Vartanian (CTO,  TechViz, France)

“Use cases of Virtual Reality merging 3D models with driving simulation for faster and more efficient developments”


Gavin Farmer (Commercial Manager, Dynisma, United Kingdom)

“Redefining motion simulation – how Dynisma embraces bandwidth to close the gap between drivers and vehicle models”