Product solutions papers are available in a readable form for DSC Europe 2022 participants. Password to access the product solutions is available in the DSC 2022 App, in the About section.


RoadRunner: Scenario Design for Driving Simulation
M. Valente (MathWorks), L. Milia

ADAVEC – Design and teach the user experience for semi-autonomous driving
A. Bouali (U. Nice Côte d’Azur), E. Bucci, H. Fiotti, P. Marciniak, P. Sigrist

Hybrid Digital Twin Interface (HDTI) – Connecting the virtual and the real world
B. Eggl (b-plus technologies GmbH), J. Führmann

Central Access Point for the Simulation and Validation of ADAS/AD Functions
D. Dörr (dSPACE GmbH), M. Peperhowe

From logical scenario description to simulated scenario
H. Mohellebi (Renault), M. Pajon, A. Kemeny, E. Arnoux, L. Guyonvarch, E. Bouillot, F. Moirot, E. Revert

3D Scene Map Generation from Navigation Data
M. Nierenz (TrianGraphics GmbH)

Safety analysis of inconsistencies using a formal verification tool for DSML
J. Abou Faysal (Renault Software Factory, U. Côte d’Azur), N. Zalmai, A. Barisic, F. Mallet


SCANeR studio / SE-Workbench-RF physical radar sensor
F. Faucher (OKTAL-SE, IRT SystemX)

Automotive Radar Antenna Configurations and their Impact on Machine Learning Approaches: A Case Study
L. Lang (Institut für Fahrzeugtechnik U. Stuttgart), K. Saad, D. Salles, H.-C. Reuss


Utilizing a Compact NVH Simulator for a Complete Sound and Vibration Experience
D. Bogema (VI-grade), M. Allman-Ward, G. Adriano

Dynisma DMG-X Motion Generator for Vehicle Ride, NVH and Handling Simulation
A. Warne (Dynisma Ltd), N. Garrett, G. Farmer


IDS (Intrusion Detection System) for embedded systems
F. Le Foll (IOT.BZH)

COLABE4Automotive: Confidential data Outsourcing enabLed by Attribute-Based Encryption for Secure Automotive Manufacturing
A. Bkakria (IRT SystemX), N. Heulot, R. Yaich

Wheel DS

Impact of the visualization system choice on Wheeled Mobile Driving Simulator concepts
S. Plaettner (TU. Dresden), M. Lutwitzi, K. Rehberg, X. Chen, T. Tüschen, T. Albrecht, G. Prokop, H. Winner